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I've been eating since 1987.

That's 27 years and counting.


There are few fields I have more experience in.


I'm about a lot of things; friends, family, love, champagne, good cake, cheese, new food experiences and maximising joy in the everday. xx



If you follow me on Instagram, you might have picked up on the fact that I'm a Donna Hay fangirl.






I got my first DH cookbook in 2002, when I was 15.  I now have 8 of her big cookbooks, and 2 of her little 'Simple Essential' ones. I've told D that if he's ever stuck...

I'm on a Thai-food eating mission.


Yup, I'm ambitious like that.


D and I are mildy obsessed with Thailand and Thai food (Koh Samui restaurant post is pending), and have a host of favourite restaurants we hit up with alarming regularity.


The Thai Orchid at Springwood ca...

Holy babingo Brisbane, it is COLD THIS MORNING.


11 degrees. BUT THAT WIND CHILL! More like 2 degrees!


The man and I were up before sunrise to go work off the remains of our Thailand holiday (ugh), and I was so so glad to be headed to the heated gym, while he trudged of...

Well, we checked one off the list.


A few Thursdays ago, D and I had a progressive date night that started at The Rabbit Hole in Seven Hills, and finished at Thai Antique in Carina Heights.


We'd spotted Thai Antique about 8 or 9 months ago whilst hitting the Monday Nigh...

There's a habit I have that makes me a particularly bad foodie.  I keep going back to the same places.


Yup, I'm a creature of habit just like the rest of you!  You know how it goes, you wake up on a weekend morning, don't feel like your standard brekky, decide to go ou...

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