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I've been eating since 1987.

That's 27 years and counting.


There are few fields I have more experience in.


I'm about a lot of things; friends, family, love, champagne, good cake, cheese, new food experiences and maximising joy in the everday. xx



I'm on a Thai-food eating mission.


Yup, I'm ambitious like that.


D and I are mildy obsessed with Thailand and Thai food (Koh Samui restaurant post is pending), and have a host of favourite restaurants we hit up with alarming regularity.


The Thai Orchid at Springwood ca...

Well, we checked one off the list.


A few Thursdays ago, D and I had a progressive date night that started at The Rabbit Hole in Seven Hills, and finished at Thai Antique in Carina Heights.


We'd spotted Thai Antique about 8 or 9 months ago whilst hitting the Monday Nigh...

March 20, 2014

Ok. So I'm not sure if you've heard this rumour, but they reckon everything tastes amazing out of a slow cooker.  It's fail-safe! Cooking for fools! 


Well, I for one, have proved that wrong so many times I have bouts of PTSD every time I LOOK at my slow cooker. I...

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