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The Flaming Olive

Unfortunately, The Flaming Olive has now closed. So sad to not be able to eat that duck again!

I've got a confession. I'm stalking FoodMeUpScotty. He's pretty much replaced Urbanspoon for me. He's a food blogging prodigy and I've come to trust his judgement.

So when he posted about The Flaming Olive yesterday, I was keen. So keen, in fact, that when my dear friend A.S came down with food poisoning late yesterday afternoon and cancelled dinner plans, I got on to one of my other besties J.L to see if she was free.

Cut to 7pm and we are sitting in an empty restaurant. I was surprised! I thought after such a rave review from Anthony yesterday, it'd be packed! (I guess it takes a few days!)

The place is part of the new M&A precinct on McLaughlin St in Fortitude Valley. Home to such gems as Papa Jack's, Mighty Mighty, Locanda, Gordita, etc. It's a modern-looking place, with sexy light fittings. I forgot to take photos because I was so hungry.

I already knew what I was ordering. The duck. After perusing their new Winter Wonderland menu at work yesterday (sorry, Ma), I was pretty much across it all. I really wanted the bouillabaise too, but alas, I have still not stretched my capacity to encompass two mains!

J.L and I skipped entrees and headed straight for the main affair. She ordered the Wagyu Beef Cheek Ragu with Caramelised Gnocchi, Spanish Onion, Parsley and Parmesan, and I the Fragrant Duck Breast, Aromatic Quince, Almonds, Duck Parfait and Jus Gras. (Faaaaannccy!)

We asked our very friendly waiter whether J.L should get the entree or main sized of the beef. She noted she wasn't very hungry and definitely wanted room for dessert. The guy was very attentive but wasn't willing to give direction as to how big or small the plates were. I ended up encouraging Jess to go for the larger portion (mostly greed on my part - I knew I could help her with any she couldn't finish!)

The thing was - the beef dish was super...meaty. Rich. Tasted very 'of itself'. Only the finely shaved spanish onion and parsley lifted the dish out of the 'too heavy' danger zone.

Personally, I loved it, but I was drinking a very sexy glass of red at the time, and I think that paired with it beautifully. J.L wasn't drinking, so had nothing to complement the dish. We mused that it was reminiscent of a camping stew - but hella fancy. I'd order it again, but in the entree size. The main was a bit too much of a good thing, to be honest. A person with larger appetite, or a hard out meat lover might not have struggled. I pretty much ate the last third of the dish for J.L, because I'm good like that.


Terribly dark photo. This was yum, and on a windy winter's eve, might be just the thing to warm you up. Hot tip: Add a glass of red. I had a cab sauv (okay two). Delicious.

I ordered the duck, because I love duck. Also, when I read that there was duck parfait (I'm going to say it's really close to pate, but lighter?) on the plate as well....I couldn't resist! Two of my favourite things.

olive 55.JPG

Again, with the terrible photography. If you want a good picture, go here!

This was faultless. Just beautiful. I immediately lost myself in listing all the people I needed to bring here to eat duck. D and my Mum topped the list. Soon, you guys!

The little half shell things were potato. Genius. Poached quince - sweet and spiced. The duck was crispy skinned, perfectly pink, and just pretty much the best thing ever. The duck parfait has changed my life and I don't know how I will live a day without eating it. Rich, intense, creamy... if you love pate or anything foie gras-related - you will adore this. I almost called for some brioche to schmear it on! #drool

We could've left it there, as the mains were generous. HOWEVER, dessert. The entire dessert menu looked gorgoeus, and we were so close to ordering the Chocolate Orb...but we had to do the Snowball.

flaming olvie.JPG

Finally remembered to ask J.L to put her flashlight on for me! Divine!

The Snowball was described as Fluffy Cheesecake with Citrus Curd, White Chocolate Aero and Fresh Powdered Snow. (Wow, I think I'm going to give this excessive Capitalisation a miss!)

We cracked it open and tbh, it tasted more of marshmallow than anything else. There was some great cheese-cakey gear in the very middle, but the shell of the snowball very sweet and made up the majority of the flavour. The white chocolate aero was yummy - very 'White Christmas', but the real flavour kick came from the citrus curd. I am OBSESSED with curd. It's perfection and should feature most days, on most things. This curd tasted more orangey than of any other citrus and it was FAB! If anything, we would've loved more curd on the plate to help balance the sweetness of the rest of the dessert.

You have to admire the vision of a dessert like this. Technical, and so clever. We liked it, but were glad to share as overall it was bit on the sugary-sweet side.

J.L and I had a lovely girly date at The Flaming Olive. It was quiet when we got there, and a was amping up when we left around 9pm. Our very attentive waiter assured us it gets very busy on Fridays and Saturdays, so perhaps try it out on a weeknight! We got a street park right outside, too! What a bonus.

Can't wait to go back and try out a whole new selection of the menu.



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