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Thai Antique, Carina Heights

A few Thursdays ago, D and I had a progressive date night that started at The Rabbit Hole in Seven Hills, and finished at Thai Antique in Carina Heights.

We'd spotted Thai Antique about 8 or 9 months ago whilst hitting the Monday Night Couples Deal at Elio's Osteria - you seriously gotta do that - $50 for two people to eat all of the things. If you like carbs, salt and checkered tableclothes - this is your suburbian Italian dream. Good pizza.

Anywho, evidently Thai is Brisbane's 'ethnicity of choice' when it comes to cuisine. Everyone has a favourite, there's one around every corner, and sometimes it's tough to break away from your favourites. I get it.

Except, when D and I were in Koh Samui last year, we ate a heckofalotta steamed fish. Stuffed with aromatics like chilli, lemongrass, coriander, garlic etc etc etc.

Loved it. And couldn't find it on any Thai menus back home. Fried fish, battered fish, but no whole steamed fish.

Until Thai Antique. So we vowed to go there, and it look until two weeks ago for us to get there!

We'd had tapas at Rabbit Hole (get the sweet potato chips and thank me later), so we weren't starving. We ordered the whole steamed fish with ginger (and a bunch of other stuff), steamed rice and a Chicken Pad Prik stir fry. The stir fry is one of my current favourites - it features lots of ground peppercorns, chilli and capsicum.

So, how was it?

Good. It was really good. At $19.90 for a whole steamed barramundi, we were stoked at the price and the flavour, Perfectly cooked, fresh, fragrant, light and delicious. We'd tried a version at Kwan Brothers in Fortitude Valley months prior and this was oh-so-much-better.

The stir fry was great, but I prefer the version at Zap Thai in East Brisbane.

Overall, we loved it, the service was friendly and fast, the food great, and we'll be back.

Thai Antique isn't licensed, so if you want a crisp sauv or cold brew to wash down your spicy Thai food, BYO!

What's your favourite Brisbane Thai Restaurant?



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