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Sommerlad Poultry and Hand Sourced Provedore

March 20, 2017

Last month I was gifted three of the tastiest chickens I've ever had the pleasure of knowing.


The delightful Shirley Harring from Hand Sourced reached out to me and offered me the opportunity to sample the poultry from Sommerlad in Tenterfield. 


I jumped on to the Sommerlad Poultry website and quickly became intrigued.  I drove over to Shirley's cold room in Hendra, had a lovely chat, scored my beautiful chooks and some even green mangoes for chutney! Thanks, Shirley!  


We were excited to see that our chooks had 'ID tags' on their wings: Shirley informed me we could trace their entire heritage back to the great great great grandma chooks from this number! They also had black feet and a few stray feathers.  I had never in the past taken a moment to ponder that all our chooks' feet were white; we were evidently consuming a white-feathered breed without exception.


I took Shirley's advice in regards to roasting guidelines and popped the un-stuffed, seasoned chook in the oven with the parson's nose facing the back.  I generally favour low and slow roasting and so was more than happy to take Shirley's advice to do just that.  


The result two hours later? Only the most chickeny chicken ever.  Sorry, Mrs Borrello from Grade Eight English.  Sometimes the only adjective I can summon when excited is a mongrel form of a noun. Chickeny.  Mmmm, Chickeny.  


The crispiest skin.  The meatiest flesh.  The most sumptuous gravy.  I was almost upset I told the family about it; I'm sure I could've devoured the entire bird with all the trimmings.