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Chicken Pie - How To

June 17, 2017

Chicken Pie.


How great.


I had my appendix out on Monday and have felt totally wack all week so in my world, that calls for pie.


It takes me back to childhood runs to Yatala Pies where I would always go the Chicken and Vegetable over a more traditional steak pie.  Mmm...pie.


There are a million recipes for chicken pie - some complex, some simple.  I'd like to present one on the simple side, with a bonus serve of 'choose your own adventure'.  I don't make pies very often, so when I go to do it I look up a million recipes and can get somewhat overwhelmed.  Tonight I reminded myself of just how easy it really is to make an awesome pie, so I thought I'd share it here.


This pie freezes well so I recommend making two small ones or doubling the recipe so you can have a delicious pie waiting for you some winter night when you just cannot even Menulog.


I believe the secret to a delicious chicken pie is to make a chicken casserole that you would happily eat in bowl from the spoon.  So if you have an awesome chicken casserole recipe, why not thicken it up a bit and wack some frozen puff pastry around it!?


Instead of a traditional 'Ingredients' and 'Method' layout I'd like to present a 'Use What You Have in the House' recipe.  Let me know what you think.



1. Chicken:


Use what you have, or buy chicken thighs.  1kg does two small/regular sized family pies in our house.  I've seen recipes using leftover BBQ Chicken, a whole raw chicken that's then poached in stock and shredded, chicken breasts; just about every conceivable cut of chicken.  Pers