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Recipe: Peach Ice Cream, No Ice Cream Maker Required

January 13, 2018

Over the past few years my flawless taste in music has been compromised by my lovely husband. He loves country music. I know. I've obviously got Stockholm Syndrome because I actually don't mind some of it nowadays! One artist on high rotation in our household is Luke Bryan and he has a song that talks about 'homemade peach ice-cream on sunburnt lips'.  Over the years I've loved the thought of the former and definitely not the latter.

So today I thought I'd bite the bullet and make my own homemade peach ice-cream.  It was a rip-roaring successs!


I glimpsed a few recipes online and then altered it to suit the ingredients I had in stock. 


Stone fruit is abundant in southeast Queensland at the moment; in fact I scored peaches and nectarines for $1.50 a kilo! Of course they all ripened at once and so I had a perfect opportunity to turn something perfectly lush and nutritious into something seriously decadent. Ha!


So, here's what I did! If you give it a go, let me know how you go. The results got a big thumbs up from Dylan and I reckon it was pretty bloody delicious too!



10 peaches (or mixed peaches and nectarines will be fine- I won't tell anyone!)
250g marscapone (cream cheese would work too)
300ml cream (I had thickened cream in the fridge but pouring cream would also be fine, if not better)
4 eggs, separated
1/2 cup of sugar
1 large lemon
1/2 tsp of salt