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House Renovations - The Dream Kitchen and Beyond

July 13, 2018

Last year we had the opportunity to renovate the main level of our home south of Brisbane.  It was a true 90's bonanza when we bought it in 2016: A Teal and Terracotta Mansion.


Some of the most interesting features were:


- Peach tiles and matching corner bath in the main bathroom.  Complete with water stains, filthy grout and mould galore.


- Teal laminate benchtops in the kitchen complete with matching kicks! Feature tile circa 1999 Mooloolaba Motel. 


-Peeling wooden dresser vanities in both bathrooms


-Brass wardrobes alongside brass light fittings and shower screen edges


-Hot pink rooms, purple rooms, green rooms, blue rooms, a true rainbow house!


-TEAL window frames throughout the entire house (we still have downstairs to tackle!)


-Pastel brushtroke pelmets in the lounge-turned-dungeon downstairs (still intact)


-Matching teal swirly laminate laundry


-Blue painted concrete garage


-Apricot painted decking downstairs and concrete upstairs outside the front door


-Blue ballustrading, teal gutters and a maroon roof. Beautiful with the teal windows and dirty pebblecrete! 


-Drummy cracked bone tiles laid in a diamond pattern throughout the main part of the house, with a border around each room to make each space look as small as possible


-Tongue and groove flooring in three bedrooms and the lounge, tiling most other places, damaged parquetry in two bedrooms