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House Renovations - The Dream Kitchen and Beyond

July 13, 2018

Last year we had the opportunity to renovate the main level of our home south of Brisbane.  It was a true 90's bonanza when we bought it in 2016: A Teal and Terracotta Mansion.


Some of the most interesting features were:


- Peach tiles and matching corner bath in the main bathroom.  Complete with water stains, filthy grout and mould galore.


- Teal laminate benchtops in the kitchen complete with matching kicks! Feature tile circa 1999 Mooloolaba Motel. 


-Peeling wooden dresser vanities in both bathrooms


-Brass wardrobes alongside brass light fittings and shower screen edges


-Hot pink rooms, purple rooms, green rooms, blue rooms, a true rainbow house!


-TEAL window frames throughout the entire house (we still have downstairs to tackle!)


-Pastel brushtroke pelmets in the lounge-turned-dungeon downstairs (still intact)


-Matching teal swirly laminate laundry


-Blue painted concrete garage


-Apricot painted decking downstairs and concrete upstairs outside the front door


-Blue ballustrading, teal gutters and a maroon roof. Beautiful with the teal windows and dirty pebblecrete! 


-Drummy cracked bone tiles laid in a diamond pattern throughout the main part of the house, with a border around each room to make each space look as small as possible


-Tongue and groove flooring in three bedrooms and the lounge, tiling most other places, damaged parquetry in two bedrooms 


-Gold swirly ceramic door handles throughout


-Arches in doorways throughout the home


Long story short: there was a lot that could be updated cosmetically, and not much that needed to be done structurally. It's a big house on a huge block (3000sqm) and we saw a lot of potential.


I'll write the full reno story one day, but here are some before and afters for now!  If you have any questions or would like some tradie recommendations in the Brisbane area, don't hesitate to ask!



External House Paint


 Currently looks a bit better as most of the window frames that look dark here (TEAL!) are now Surfmist.  We streamlined the room, ballustrading, suffeats and finial from five colours down to two.  The above photo was taken on an overcast day - generally looks a lot brighter.  Quite transforming, really. 



 Blue! Dull brass! Gold everything! I couldn't find heart to shell out the cash for a new double door yet, so we switched out the door handles for brushed nickel, spray painted what hardware we couldn't replace, and had both sides of the doors painted.  Good enough for now!




 The odd stained glass windows are a challenge we have yet to rectify!  I guess you could argue character?


 Internal stairs before - mushroom pink, black grippy stuff, tiles that were throughout the main area of the house.

 Darling Dylan painting the stairs grey with white risers in time for my 30th birthday party.  Took so many hours! What a man.  We replaced the brackets for the handrails and just had the rest painted Wattyl Chalkdust on the walls and Dulux Lexicon Quarter for the gloss. We did this throughout the whole house as we wanted to brighten the joint up and could not commit to any interesting colours after dealing with the rainbow we first walked into!

 You can see the edge of the Big River 190mm European Oak floating floor we used for the whole middle of the house.  Sadly we had to go over the 100mm solid wood floor in the living room in order to achieve continuity throughout the house.  We went from 5 floor coverings on one level to just 3.  


 Feature tile circa 1999 Mooloolaba Motel. Turns out there were salmon square tiles underneath these feature tiles! These were an update! Haha! 

 Little Austin and Corey cutting fruit at the old bench.  Teal sliding door in the background was replaced with a white bifold door from Stegbar.  Sad we didn't think about screens until afterward!


 The kitchen, sitting room and dining room from the hallway. Arch has j