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Party Wine - Be a generous host without breaking the bank

October 12, 2019

Although BYO is the most popular form of 'gatho' nowadays, there's nothing nicer than supplying a bit of plonk to get the party started.  Trying to cater for everyone is impossible, and can be downright expensive.  With many 'quaffing' wines sitting aroung the $20 a bottle mark, you could drop a grand in a heartbeat!  Thankfully, I've done all the hard yards for you, and put together a link bank of all of my favourite party wines! 


If you live in Australia and have a Dan Murphy's or a First Choice Liquor nearby: you're welcome! 



Rose: - Sia by De Bortolli


Rose is SAAAAA HOT RIGHT NOW. The Provencal ones in the gorgeous bottles are everyone's fave, and I'll take mine from the palest pink blush to hot hot scarlet in colour.  As long as they're not sweet, I'm in! Most of the good ones are between $20 and $30, so shit can get real pretty quickly when you're entertaining.  


If you want a decent quaffing Rose or perhaps you're making Frose, or punch - THIS ONE IS FOR YOU! I put my ego aside, dove into the bargain bin at Dan's and discovered this gem.  Pretty sure you pay $12 per 150ml glass for this on tap at pubs around the country.




$5 from the bargain bin at Dan's: