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About Brisbane foodie

My name is Amanda Mapp, I'm 33, live in Brisbane, Australia and I love food.  


I'm excited whenever I hear of a new 'hotspot' and even more excited when I discover one! Nowadays I'm very much into home cooking and budgeting too! The glamour never ends.


I'm a coffee lover, cake snob, market-trawling, veggie-munching, red-hot-chilli-loving, wine-swilling, asian-food obsessed chick born in Melbourne and raised in Brissie. So why not write a Brisbane-centric food blog? I was already Instagramming the hell out of everything I ate! (@Brisbane_Foodie)


Donna Hay, Valli Little and Nigella tombs fill my bookshelves (okay bookshelf), as well as some golden oldies stolen from my Mum.  Charmaine Solomon, anyone?


I love cooking for a crowd: casual and convivial is the vibe we go for in my Carina home.


Cheap & cheery eats make me SO HAPPY.  $20 per head or under is my sweet spot.


In saying that, a dego or two a year makes me a very happy girl.


Open to all manner of media opportunities.  If anyone at Masterchef Australia would like me to critique the food, head to the Contact Me page... 

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