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Grandma's Kiwi Kitchen, Springwood

If you follow me on Instagram, you would’ve been bombarded by #gkk tags and #elixir coffee cups over the past fortnight!

Yup, I’m in love with my new (work) local!Grandma’s Kiwi Kitchen is on Murrajong St in Springwood, and is a welcome addition to the Southside Set. Mostly because there are barely any alternatives. Yes, Café Mio around the corner is an old faithful and has been a brilliant haunt since ’98 (Love you, Angela), but sometimes you can’t but help want something a little different or new.

So imagine my excitement when I saw a ‘Café and Gallery’ a-frame on the corner one morning about a month ago! I swerved straight in and saw that Grandma’s Kiwi Kitchen (GKK) had moved in to the old Sugar & Spice premises. THEN I saw the ‘Elixir’ coffee sign and nearly wet myself with excitement. Good coffee south of Mt Gravatt is pretty much non-existent. Elixir coffee, being one of Brisbane’s best roasters, is a straight-up miracle in these parts. (Shortie’s Espresso does it down in Loganholme, to be fair, but I’ve found it hit and miss, and lacking atmosphere).

When I entered the shop, I was hit by the sight of a sideboard overflowing with homemade slices and cakes! Joy! Not to mention the counter with the cookie jars boasting Afghans, Choc-Chip, Melting Moments and Peanut Butter and Chocolate cookies! For – get this­ - $1.50! Oh yeah, there’s also homewares and Kiwi paraphernalia. But you can’t eat that stuff.

I ordered 3 long blacks to go, and was a bit sad to see the smallest takeaway cups they had were 12oz, as for our tastes it’s too much water on a double shot. However, for $3 for a long black, I was happy to suck it up! I now ask for ¾ full and it’s absolutely beautiful!

Lactose-haters rejoice, with Zymil gently heated to create full-bodied, creamy lattes and cappuccinos. I’ve been through the first 20 coffees on my loyalty card in two weeks, so rest assured the office has tried just about every variation of coffee they do! Everyone's stoked.

I’ve procured various cookies and slices for the office as well, and can recommend the carrot cake (the best ‘bought one’ I’ve ever ever had), and the cookies also proved popular.

Two days ago, Mum, D and I went down for lunch on a rainy day to check out their Kiwi-Flavoured menu. With NZ delicacies such as Paua fritters, Whitebait Omelettes, Fush and Chups, and Auntie’s Mussels; there’s a distinct seafood theme and homely feel to the offerings. We had the Fush and Chups, Steak Sandwich and Auntie’s Mussels.

The fish was battered Hoki (great, flakey, huge), the Steak Sandwich was perfectly cooked with some great flavours, and good chips. The mussels were a standout: cooked in a white wine and garlic sauce, served with homemade bread and butter. Messy to eat, but worth it, as they were cooked perfectly. And $12.50! Obscene! Go here! Eat this!

The three of us also enjoyed some fabulous fresh juices- I can recommend the beetroot/carrot one. Delicious.

All in all, the girls at GKK are doing a great job, bringing fun, friendly, fresh food and drinks to Springwood. They are open Monday- Friday until 3pm, and Thursday and Friday nights for dinner. I hear there's sometimes a Hangi and live music! What a winner.


GKK is a dry venue. Brisbane Foodie paid for all visits to GKK.

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