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Best ever lamb shoulder

Look. This isn't difficult. But it's necessary. It's not even slow cooker weather yet in Queensland (is it ever, really!?) But I don't care! I'm a rebel!

Truth is you don't even need a slow cooker for this. We have this kickass Baccarat roasting pan with lid that we've had for about 7 years and I use that for this recipe as I like the caramelisation I get from the oven.

Also our slow cooker broke last year and I challenged myself not to replace it by using that pan instead and/or the dutch oven/cast iron pot with lid in the oven with a timer on. So far I've not missed it. One less thing to store!

Ok, on to the lamb. This is great for a Sunday roast, it's great to go with a Greek Salad, it's wonderful for cold meat, it's SUPERB as the beginning to the BEST EVER SHEPHERD'S PIE which I will share with you later this year, as the weather cools down.


Set your oven to 150 degrees celsius - fan forced or conventional doesn't seem to matter too much.

Get yourself the biggest bloody lamb shoulder WITH BONE IN you can find. I find Coles do pretty good ones here in Australia. Only about $12 a kilo, too.

Get yourself a roasting pan with a lid, or a roasting pan and some al foil.

Place lamb in the pan.

Get your FLAVOURS sorted.

- Garlic - as much of it as you can be bothered to peel. 4 cloves minimum, 40 cloves max (you animal!)

- Rosemary is classic, but thyme is nice too.

-Olives, pitted, optional

-S+P - cracked, lots of it, less salt if you're using olives

Either cut all the ingredients up finely, stick them in a mortar and pestle, or stick them all in a mini blender (you know the little tubs that come with stick blenders?) until you have a chunky paste.

Stab holes in the lamb, rub the paste all over the top.

Pour some red wine, white wine, or beef stock in the bottom of the pan - about a cup

Put the lid or al foil on the pan, and pop that bad boy in the oven for 4-5 hours until the meat just falls away from the bone with a fork.

I don't even have an after photo because we always eat it too fast, and I'm a terrible blogger. Let it never be said that a plate of food went cold while I was photographing it!

Use this for the best ever sandwiches with cheddar cheese, pickles, fresh tomato and spanish onion on fresh bread.

Use this with roasted vegetables and gravy (use pan juices!) for the King of roasts with as much red wine as you can procure.

Use this with a Greek Salad in Summer time with a crisp, chilled rose vino.

Use this to make a shepherd's pie - you won't be sorry!

Until next time folks.... happy cooking and happy eating.

Much love,

Brisbane Foodie.



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