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Only the best ever brownies

If I've made you brownies in the last 7 years, this is the recipe. Absolutely exceptional, gluten free just by chance, and an foolproof crowd pleaser. Even those who proclaim 'I don't like chocolate' Pah!

They freeze well, too.

Now I swear I'm not going to do one of those food blogs that begin with 'The year was 1975' and make you scroll down a million times to get to the recipe. All I will say is that prior to being given this recipe by a friend in 2013, I was not fussed on making brownies. Every recipe I tried either turned out too dry, or too wet to cut. This recipe is perfect - crackles on top (the baking powder I think) and they are fudgey but if you cook them long enough (a skewer should come out with some moist crumbs but not coated in wet batter) then they cut beautifully. Running the knife under hot water (or dipping it in a jug of hot water) and wiping on paper towels in between cuts makes it extra perfect if you are gifting them or want them to look super pretty. Similar to what you'd do with cheesecake.

I also love that the corners go nice and crunchy/thick/doorstop-esque but the middle pieces are softer - so you can choose your own adventure.

Ok, without further chit chat, here it is folks:

100-200 eating chocolate of your choice ( I like any Lindt variety in the skinny 100g blocks or Moser Roth from Aldi or just honestly, whatever you have lying around!)

4 eggs

100g Cocoa

90g almond meal

2 cups caster sugar

Vanilla bean paste of extract to taste

2 tsp baking powder

200g melted butter

Mix melted butter, eggs, cocoa, sugar and vanilla in a bowl. Add almond meal and baking powder.

Pour half in to a lined square brownie tin then lay broken up squares of the chocolate all over, then pour the rest of the batter.

Cook on 155 degrees celsius on fan forced for 50 minutes or until set, not wobbly and a skewer comes out with moist crumbs but not batter. Cool in pan completely before turning out on to a large board and cutting into 16 squares. Have used a measuring tape for this when I've wanted them even. Top with double cream and fresh berries or berry coulis. Or freeze and eat whenever you are sad. Or give them all away immediately.


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