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South Side Diner

South Side Diner

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Around Christmas was the first time I heard about South-Side Diner. Not a raving fan of American food, but open minded and a lover of themed

restaurants, my interest was piqued.

Urbanspoon offered mixed reviews. 'Too small a serving', some said. 'Sub-par service', said another. 'Good burgers'.

I still wanted to go.

D and I climbed Mt. Warning the day after Boxing Day. I'd wanted to show him the view from the the top, as I'd done it successfully once before,

even though the last bit on hands and feet did my head in!

So after being up since 3am, and not eating (besides a few beers each at a mate's), we rocked up to the restaurant at 2pm VERY.BLOODY.HUNGRY.

So of course, we over-ordered. Like crazy. Like it was the last supper.

And it was wonderful! I was a virgin to ribs and wings, but we ordered both. The buffalo wings were larger than I expected and red, and a bit sweet.

I had one whilst they were hot and left the other 4 to the D man. The celery and blue cheese sauce that accompanied were delightful, although

I would've liked a bit more kick to the blue cheese sauce. It was as though someone had walked past a bowl of ranch dressing with

some blue cheese.

The mega indulgence for the day were the mozzarella sticks. Ridiculous rectangles of crumbed and fried mozzarella, they were awesome, and plentiful.

In fact, I was pretty much full after that, but of course we pressed on. Shouldve asked for some chipotle with them, they could've used

something spicy or astringent to balance out all the fatty cheesy fried goodness. I'd still order them again though, possibly with a few more people

to share them with and an icy cold beer.

D had ordered the slow cooked pork ribs with slaw, a half rack. I wouldn't wanna see the full rack! They were soft and tasy and delcious, served with a jus

on a bed of mash. Nothing at all like the sticky mess on chips I'd expected, although I think they're available too!

I'd ordered the NeW York Skyscraper, and dismayed to think they didn't automatically come with fries, we ordered sweet potato fries too. Told you we overordered!

Ridiculous. Also we'd had some pretty decent DiBella filtered coffee and some Pepsi Maxes by this time.

The burger was one of the best I've had- there were VISIBLE HERBS in the pattie. TASTY. Cheese, caramelised onions, some other stuff I can't quite remember but all you need

to know is GET THIS. I really enjoyed it. The sweet potato fries were totally superfluous, tasty, but no Burger Urge sweet potato chips.

Next time I'll totally just grab mozzarella sticks between 4 and the burger. I'm certainly not interested in a shake for $9.50! Reminds me of

Pulp Fiction when Travolta is all 'What's in a $5 shake? There's no bourbon or something?' and Uma is all, 'it's delicious'.

Have you been to South Side Diner? What's your verdict?

xo AB

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