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Sunrise Vietnam

Can't get to Sunnybank, Inala or Chinatown and craving a good Pho? Never fear!

The good people from Trang Restaurant (the originals) in West End have opened up Sunrise Vietname on Logan Road, just passed Garden City.

I found it on Urbanspoon one hungry lunchtime in Springwood whilst calculating if I could make it to The Vietnamese and back within a reasonable amount of time!

I've been here about a dozen times over the past few months and EVERYONE LOVES IT! Trang of old days. Decent Pho - have ordered about 4 or 5 times, great combination Bun (Viet salad: rice vermicelli noodle salad with shredded cucumber, carrot, shallots etc and protein of your choice.) Spring rolls in a salad: heck yes! Huge portions. Steamed dim sims are another favourite: I've had them pretty much every time I've been. I can convince myself they are HEAPS better for me than the spring rolls I actually want to eat! Lucky this place isn't licensed or plenty a work lunch would've slid into a spring roll-and-beer-aganza! Terrible thought, I know.

Other favourites include the combination clear noodle soup served dry, which is just difficult to explain, but delicious. Here goes though:Prawn, bbq pork, fish, beef, tofu, over clear noodles and shallots, roasted peanuts, coriander etc and this DELIGHTFUL sticky, soy-like-but-not-quite, sweet sauce all through the noodles. When you order it 'dry', the soup comes on the side and you can add a little or a lot at a time to loosen the noodles. An activity and a meal, my favourite! This meal is massive, a good one to share if you don't mind poking your chopsticks around in the same bowl as your fellow diner! I also am a fan of ordering extrabroth on the side (which I don't even think they charge for!?!?) Gosh I love this dish. Many thanks to my old boss Karen who put me on to this dish back in 2009!

Like most Vietnamese joints, there's a Chinese menu as well. We haven't gone there yet as we are generally too distracted by the Viet, but I do love a good sizzling anything! Mongolian lamb might benext on the hit list. I'm also keen to try the Viet combination pork chop; another litmus test of a decent Vietnamese joint!

If you're on the southside and hungry for Vietnamese, get on down to Sunrise Vietnam for a cheap and cheery feast.

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