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JAM 4012

I just got emailed this review of a little cafe up in Nundah, from some guy I know. So, here's Brisbane Foodie's first guest post!

Hey, it’s the D Man here, I decided to do a quick guest blog for Brisbane Foodie.

I had to drop my car off for a service in Nundah this morning and with a few hours to kill, I decided that the waiting room at the service department was about as appealing as a sink full of congealed fat at 6.30 in the morning.

So on a mission to find somewhere to eat, work and enjoy a beautiful Brisbane morning, I have ended up at JAM, a nice corner Café, open windows to the street and tables not stacked up against each other. To be fair it was hard to move past some of my favourite coffee brands in the street like Elixr and Campos to end up here, but this looked like the best environment for my morning.

Within 30 seconds of taking a seat, I have been politely greeted and now have a coffee at my side and a plate called “Nundah” on the way. The menu has some great dishes and it was hard to choose, however I couldn’t go past a piece of Sourdough with mushroom pesto, smashed avocado and two poached eggs finished with a balsamic glaze. Oh, there was some bonus shaved parmesan and I got cracked pepper. The only thing I felt was missing today, was bacon. So that little piggy ended up on my plate as an extra. The sad thing was, a bit of bacon cost an extra $4.00 (flat fee for extras) and made my moderately priced $15.00 breakfast, $19.00. (Note from B.F: pretty sure $4 sides are standard nowadays, D-Man!)

The meal was out in under 10 mins, presented beautifully and eggs poached to perfection. The flavours were are real party in my mouth, and had me digging in like I had been locked in prison for 10 years eating gruel.

The place is branded with Segafredo Coffee, it’s ok, but as a Long Black connoisseur (in a cup of course) I am not a big fan of the flavour.

Overall experience; good setting, great service, I give the food an 8 out of 10 (price upset me here). If I’m stuck in Nundah at breakfast time again, I will certainly come back and try some of the other delights on the menu, hoping and expecting the same great flavour and texture experience.

Well, I better actually do some work today…

Thanks D, for flaunting your breakfast at me! I had a protein shake! Bastard...

x Amanda

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