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Brisbane Restaurant Hit List for 2015

There's a habit I have that makes me a particularly bad foodie. I keep going back to the same places.

Yup, I'm a creature of habit just like the rest of you! You know how it goes, you wake up on a weekend morning, don't feel like your standard brekky, decide to go out and head to your favourite spot. Or maybe, if you're really going out on a limb, that one you haven't been to in AGES!

Meanwhile, Brisbane is overflowing with fabulous places, old and new, many a stone unturned for me.

So, this year, I have decided to make the effort to head to new places when eating out. Not necessarily 'newly opened', mind, just places I haven't been before. My sort of New Year's resolution!

We'll also be hitting some places we havent' been to for ages, and I'll be dragging my man to some places I've been, but he hasn't yet.

So, D and I decided to put a list together so that we'd have a quick-look reference when we did get the urge to go out - whether it's for breakfast, lunch, dinner or drinks.

So here it is, Brisbane Foodie's Hit List for 2015:

2. Golden Buddha, Seven Hills. I hear this is a great Thai, and it's 2 minutes from our place. Never been. Update 1/6/15: I was lucky enough to have a meal here the other week with my mate Rosalie. Although I talked so hard the food went cold before I could eat it, I can highly recommend the mixed entree. Handmade, beautiful satays, spring rolls and fish cakes to die for. We shared a Penang curry and a Pak Prik stir fry (my current fave) and I can't say I'd write home about either of them. The temperature may have had something to do with this. The service was a little oddball, but overall it was a pleasant dining experience. Will go back again soon.

3. La Bomba, Seven Hills - for tapas. We've been for coffee (Genovese, and good), and toasties (fatty, and good), but Chris does BYO Tapas on Friday nights so we are keen to stroll up and get amongst it this year! He has big plans for expansion this year too, so watch his space!

4. Sorrellina Pizza, Wooloongabba. Widely recognised as bloody excellent pizza when it opened last year, I still haven't made it. Dying to try the margherita and the wood-fired chocolate chip cookies!

5. Julius Pizzeria - South Brisbane. A real newbie. Beccofino's little brother. Looks sexy. I want in.

6. The Fox on Thursday for All-You-Can-Eat Mussels. I hear they have flavoursome mussels for $25 plus a drink or something. I loved 'moules frites' in France and I want ON THAT BUS!

7. remy's - Paddington. Don't know much about it but remember hearing good things. Bar + bar food, I assume.

8. Fig Tree Deli Cafe - Camp Hill. Close to us, we saw it when frequenting that Viet place in the Samuel St shops. What's it called again? Pho Inn. Fig Tree does Merlo coffee and looks like a cute breakfast place. Will check it out, I swear.

9. Gordita - Fortitude Valley. In the M&A complex with Papa Jack's, Locanda, Mighty Mighty etc -pretty sure the Peasant peeps own this one. Pretty sure also, that Gordita means 'Chubby Girl' in Spanish. They are calling me...

10. The Triffid - Valley. Live music venue with Phillip Johnson's burgers from Howzat? Yes please!

11. Howzat Burgers - CBD - In saying that, I still have to get to the original! But seriously who can be assed parking in the city during the week at lunch time!?!? Major pain in the ass. Will probs just head to the Triffid.

12. Green Beacon Brewing Company - Newstead. Been to Newstead Brewing quite a few times and love it, but haven't been around the corner to these guys. I hear King of the Wings van goes there on Wednesdays, so a Wednesday it will be! #wings #beer

13. Jellyfish - Riverside. People rave! D has been promising to take me to this seafood-focused fancy joint, so I'm going to hold him to it in 2015!

14. Gerards - James St. I've been for breakfast but never for dinner - so I am going to get my Middle Eastern Fancy Hat on and get down there. I've not heard of anyone not liking it, so that is pretty impressive. The breakfast I had was certainly awesome. Baghdad Eggs. Do that.

15. 85 Miskin St - Toowong. I've sent my Mum a few times, but have yet to frequent Brent's magic place in Toowong. I knew of Brent for years before I was blogging as I went to school with his gorgeous step-sister. He's lovely, as is his fiance Kylie who runs front of house. Apparently his bisques are revolutionary so I'm going to go and bury my face in something seafoody and fabulous there, very soon. Update: Went for breakfast a few months ago and I had a chorizo dish that may have been the best breakfast I've eaten out. Seriously fantastic. Unfortunately my dining companion's breakfast was a little sub-par. Overall I'm keen to get back for dinner, but I'll have to rope in a new playmate!

16. Alchemy Bar & Kitchen - Riverside. I've been to The Palms Bar & Grill at Garden City - and Alchemy is their big brother. A beautiful spot, and if the food at The Palms is anything to go by, I can't wait to get at the fine dining version! Have you been to Alchemy?

17. Montrachet - Paddington. My mum knows the chef from the 90's somehow. It's embarrassing I haven't been to probably the most famous French restaurant in Brisbane. I'm coming for that Mont Blanc dessert I've read so much about. Montrachet notoriously doesn't open on weekends - that's how cool they are.

18. Stokehouse - River Quay, South Brisbane. It's ridiculous I haven't been here, when I've been to Popolo next door about 7 times. I want the Bombe Alaska. That is all.

19. Chur Burger - Fortitude Valley. Burgers and all things American have been big on the food scene in the last two years and I am a fan. I don't want heavy, greasy stodge. I want flavourful, interesting, original combinations of food that are satisfying and moorish. Chur Burger looks to have all these things happening - I even got tempted by a mushroom pattie burger their chef Stew Anderson (@chef_stewy on Instagram) posted today! And I'm no vegetarian... Looking forward to a visit soon.

20. The Euro - hear great things

21. Urbane - um, how can I even call myself a foodie?

Wow. I feel like I've never eaten out in Brisbane after that list! I swear I have! Although, I'm sure I'll add more to that list as I have more of a think!

Here are a few that I've been to but desperately want to hit again:

1. Beccofino - only been once, and need to get at that famous duck ragout with pappardelle!

2. Cinco - I recently had dinner here after not being for 4 years and it was gorgeous. Going again this Thursday with D and our beautiful mate Fi.

3. Locanda - the antipasto platter for 2 here is awesome. They have pickled broccoli and it's delicious. It's the 1889 Enotecha people, for those diehard Italian fans out there. Good gear. (Update: Locanda is now closed! Devo)

4. Morrison Hotel - That rib eye! That mushroom sauce! Say no more. Family favourite among the boys.

5. Blackbird Bar and Grill. Went 3 times last year, and keen to get back in a few weeks for my bestie's birthday dinner. I had the best dessert of 2014 there last year (chocolate tart with mandarin ice-cream, holy crap batman!!), so I'm pumped to see what's on the sweets list this time!

6. The Jam Pantry - Greenslopes. Foodie veteran Nim Zavackas of 'Comfort at my Table' fame heads up this gorgeous new venture on Logan Rd with her hubs. I just got down there today for a cheeky lunch and it was so nice to be wrapped in the love of that foodie again! Crowd pleaser 'Nims' Eggs' are on the menu (hello Banana Chutney!), there are condiments for take-home, the fit out is beautiful and every dish I saw come out of that kitchen made me wanna stay until I'd tried everything. I'll be back, regularly, bringing everyone I love with me!

That's all for now! Which restaurants are on your Brisbane Bucket List??

xoxo AB

My face not just after oysters, but at the thought of all those wonderful places to check out this year!

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