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Westfield Chermside's Crafternoon Festival

I like beer.

Like, really. Not all women do. In fact, one of the things the D man says he enjoys so much about my company is my ability to enjoy an icy brew with him - whether it be at home, on holidays in Thailand or up at the beach house in Yeppoon.

My dad's a beer drinker. Actually, he's a Crown Lager drinker. Exclusively. I think I've seen him drink beer-other-than-the-best about 5 times, ever. He's loyal.

I am a polyamorous beer lover. I like lagers, I like ales (2011 taught me the special weight gain characteristics of ale in England), I like ciders, I even like stout. Depending on the climate, my food and the food, I'll drink just about anything in the brew category. The emergence of the craft beer culture in Brisbane over the last few years has excited me no end, even if I do hate paying $12 for a bottled beer!

And so imagine my excitement to be invited along to Chermside's Crafternoon festival this weekend.

From the 14-16th May, Westfield Chermside and Beer InCider will be hosting their very first Crafternoon; a food festival dedicated to craft beer and food lovers. Normally the Beer InCider market carries a cover change, however Westfield Chermside has decreed that Crafternoon be free for all of us beer lovers to attend! Go Westfield!

Westfield has proudly partnered with Beer InCider, (the masterminds of the Beer Insider Experience at last year’s Beer and Wine Festival in September), to create a space where guests can come and taste locally brewed craft beer and eat gourmet food whilst listening to great music.

Crafternoon will feature:

• A ping pong area where members of the public can play Berlin style against 20 of their newest friends • 10+ beer and cider exhibitors and 5+ food trucks or food caterers

• A stage featuring live musicians

• Various areas where patrons can relax with seating and/or bar space featuring synthetic turf, bean bags, beach chairs, keg tables, wine barrels and other interesting and useful installations.

Where: In our Provenance Craft Bistro Car Park

When: 14 -16th May Time: 5:00pm – 9:00pm

Price: No Entry Fee, guests have to purchase food and drinks

For more information, check out Westfield for more info.

Keep your eye on your Instagram feed to see my imbibing some fabulous beers at the opening this Thursday night!

Disclaimer: Brisbane Foodie has been invited as a guest to experience Crafternoons and may in fact, get a free beer out of it. Can't wait!



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