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U on Sunday - That Time I Was In The Paper

Liz mentioned to the group (all female) that we should consider doing an 'Inside My Wardrobe' piece for U on Sunday. There wasn't a huge show of hands, I must admit! A bit of a scary prospect, perhaps.

A few weeks later I bumped into Liz again at the launch of the Kit and Ace store on James St, and fifteen or so champagnes in, I agreed to do the wardrobe feature.

In the Uber afterwards, I casually mentioned it to Dmapp and wondered aloud how one proceeds with a wardrobe feature without an actual wardrobe?


Say 'yes', and figure it out later, right?

So that's what I did. I trawled through my makeshift wardrobe and picked out my favourite pieces, trotted down to Inglot to have my face done, rearranged some junk in my boudoir, answered the interview questions and today, my rig is in the freaking paper!

Generally the wardrobe pieces feature fashion bloggers, models, boutique owners or hard-out fashionistas so I felt a tad out of place. (I am available for modelling work though you guys, go to Contact - I'll have my people check my diary!)

However, what I learnt throughout the process of prepping for the shoot is that I actually do have pieces I love and I have curated a certain sense of style over the past few years.

The whole experience was a lot of fun and although a little nerve-wracking, I'm really glad I did it.

I might have liked a different photo (so used to selfies and the 100% editorial rights that go with them!), I might have changed one or two things in retrospect... but a great friend has always told me to document the stages of your life. Through photos, videos, stories. I'm not someone who always loves having photos taken, but I love having photos to look back on.

So, 27, here you are. This is what you looked like, this is what you sounded like. This little newspaper clipping is an insight into your wardrobe, but also life as it was in 2015. And it was pretty damn good.



P.S: scroll down for the 'behind the scenes' pics.

If you missed it, and you desperately want to read about my wardrobe, see the unedited interview below:

Amanda Bowen, 27, lives with her hunky boyfriend Dylan, 36, his cute kids Corey and Austin, and their mutt Chief in Carina. Amanda has a food blog

How is your wardrobe set out? Are you happy with it?

Due to a lack of built-in wardrobes in my charming post-war home, my wardrobe is set out between two rooms, two wardrobes and a chest of drawers. It’s a hot mess, but mostly functional. The wardrobe I use most is this cute retro stand-alone I got on eBay for $40 and refurbished. This holds the top 15-20 items I am wearing at any one time, and my favourite shoes of the season. I refurbed my childhood chest of drawers to match, it holds my lingerie, swimwear, gym gear and pyjamas. The wardrobe in the other room holds the lion’s share of my weekend casualwear, excess jackets and blazers, cocktail and evening wear.

Would you describe yourself as an organised person?

It doesn’t come naturally to me. I’m a hedonist with a short attention span so I’ve had to hone my organisational skills to be effective at work and happy at home. I’m a Marketing Manager by day so I have to project manage multiple projects at once, including events. There’s nothing better to cure a disorganised person than throwing them into project management!

How important are the latest trends to you?

I’d have to say I am drawn to what I find alluring more so than what is ‘on trend’. I learnt a long time ago that what I like, and what I like on me are two different things. In saying that, I’ve had a tonne of fun over the past few years playing with colours and patterns I used to think I would never wear. I used to utterly loathe animal print, I just kept seeing Fran Drescher in a trashy leopard mini dress! Luckily, a friend of mine cured me with a stunning Mimco leopard clutch for my birthday two years ago. After much initial hesitation, I am now well onboard! Similarly I never thought I could rock a pencil skirt, but my aspirations to channel Christina Hendricks in Mad Men inspired me this year and I’m sad I didn’t do it earlier! So much more flattering than trousers on my figure. Who knew?

Where do you buy your clothes?

Mostly, ONLINE! I just adore getting parcels on my desk from Internet Santa. Especially if it’s been awhile and you can’t even remember what you bought! It can be a bit hit and miss, but like any skill you get better with practice! The Iconic and ASOS are my regulars, but I also buy from Jacqui E, Witchery, Portmans, Mimco, Etsy, Sheike, Marcs, Wittner and Brands Exclusive several times a year. I’ve just started buying a few cute 50’s inspired dresses from Ruby and Lolo, too.

If you had lots of money to spend on fashion, what would you buy in one week?

Can I get a majestic walk -in wardrobe with this fantasy fashion budget please? I would get a superlative version of every wardrobe basic I could think of – jeans that fit really well in three or four colours, blazers, boots, flats, black and nude Louboutin pumps, a Camilla kaftan, Cue dresses for work, hosiery, ball gowns I may never wear, evening bags I may never use… the list is endless. I’d then take a fashionista friend out to James St and just work our way down!

Are you a jewellery, bag or shoe freak?

I buy great quality basics in bags and shoes, use them until they fall apart and then despair I can’t find anything suitable to replace them! I’m still mourning a snakeskin pair of loafers I wore about five times a week in 2014 – they were gorgeous quality but I literally wore straight through the soles! On the other hand, I buy costume jewellery often – and not just because I lose it often! I love how a statement necklace or bracelet can add character to an outfit. I don’t feel dressed without earrings and some sort of arm candy! I have a gorgeous blue and silver rhinestoned bracelet that belonged to my Grandmother in the 1940’s. Bling never gets old!

What is your go-to outfit for spring/summer?

I love that 70’s styling is having a moment this season because that means more maxi dresses. Lightweight long dress that feels like a nightie and I don’t have to wear underwear? Awesome.

As it heats up poolside, I have three new super fun one-piece swimsuits from Pistol Panties that I plan to rock with bright kaftans and wedges. Big hair, big sunnies, and endless cocktails! Just call me a mobster’s wife.

Do you get food down your clothes a lot? Do you have a change of clothes in the car?

I don’t spill food on myself very often except when I wear white! I often have a change of clothes in the car, even if it’s just partial. A cardigan, eight pairs of shoes, some dry cleaning…

Fav food? Talk about your blog….

Is champagne a food? If no, then I’d say charcuterie / antipasto. We live next door to a deli and it is all too tempting to have a beautiful platter of cured meats, olives, cheese and pate for dinner! I find it a very social way to eat – we often will do platters and wine when we have company and it makes for a relaxed and indulgent meal.

Brisbane Foodie is a place for me to do my favourite thing: talk about food! While blogging itself can be rather a solitary affair, I’ve met dozens of fabulous foodies around Brisbane and even had the opportunity to review festivals and restaurants for Brisbane lifestyle mag My City Life. My dream job is to be paid to talk about food – so moonlighting as a food-writer is a great start!

Thanks Jacqui E & Marcs for the fab outfit! I just love this skirt and the jacket I've been wearing for 3 seasons now. Got it ON SALE, of course. #bargainhunter #stingy

This is how my room is always set up. I don't even have a dude in there with dude stuff taking up room that should rightfully allocated to fur and sequins.

'I will make the most of this drag makeup by taking 1,0000000 selfies.'

I freaking love my dressing table. Cheers to Lolo for convincing me to invest in that last year.

Life goal: Have an entire room as a wardrobe.

Token selfie I sent to my friends. Kylie Jenner, eat your heart out.

Excessive filter to disguise unfortunately-timed case of adult acne.

Chief not giving a single fuck about me being in the paper.

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