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Free Chickens

Today I was offered free chickens.

You know you are officially #onthemap when people are offering you poultry.

So watch this space (and Instagram) in the next week for how mind-blowing these chickens are supposed to be. Apparently they serve them at The Servery upstairs from Pearl Bistro in the 'Gabba and they taste totally amazing from being slow grown, loved, massaged and serenaded daily by Sade.

I checked out the Hand Sourced website and turns out they provide all sorts of interesting local beasts. Whole sides of beef, venison, lamb, crayfish. To all my New Zealand comrades who complain of not being able to find a 'freezer beast in this town', this might be your solution! Looks legit.

Oh! In other unrelated news I plan to be sipping Krug for the first time ever tomorrow evening to celebrate my spunky husbo's 15 year anniversary with the company he works at. Which is also the company I work at. Which is also my family's company. Which is a long story that requires wine. Anyway I am super excited about the Krug because I'm totally up myself and am having a vintage champagne moment this Summer. Less quaffing, more quality, I say! Probably go well with a roast chook actually....

What's your favourite tipple at the moment?


Brisbane Foodie

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