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Super Jazzed Over Apples

Apple season is upon us! I was lucky enough to attend a cocktail party celebrating the season’s harvest at Three Blue Ducks in Brisbane Quarter at the end of March. The focus was specifically on JAZZ apples: characteristics, the history, the growers and the green grocers.

JAZZ have only been around since 2006 and have become a household name in the last few years. Montague is the family-owned company responsible for bringing JAZZ to our fruit bowls and they are champions of our Aussie farmers. Montague organised the event and gathered growers, green grocers, journalists and bloggers to celebrate the best JAZZ harvest yet.

Mira from Divine Fruits was also at the event and is the official brand ambassador for JAZZ apples. Divine Fruits work with growers and green grocers to assist in educating consumers about where our produce comes from, who grows it, how best to prepare it and when it is in season. It is wonderful to see such energy thrown behind our farmers, showcasing the hard work it takes to feed Aussie families.

I was lucky enough to meet two of the growers from Stanthorpe who told me that after four generations of growing apples, their family love JAZZ apples the best. This variety are famed for their consistent crunch and sweet flesh. If you’ve yet to try a JAZZ, imagine a Pink Lady, but crunchier!

The team at Three Blue Ducks showcased the apples beautifully on the night. We imbibed freshly pressed apple juice alongside Aussie wines and enjoyed multiple canapes that celebrated the apple. The staff were lovely too – this has put Three Blue Ducks at Brisbane Quarter firmly at the top of my ‘Must Try’ list!

As wonderful as the canapes and apple juice were, I have to say that the ultimate moment of the night was when I bit into my very own JAZZ apple in the car on the way home – yup, Mira from Divine Fruits helped me fill my goodie bag with apples! It was everything you desperately hope for in an apple and yet often miss: crunchy, succulent, ripe and refreshing. I scored a dozen apples and my family feasted on them for days. My husband is very hard to impress when it comes to apples, often complaining of floury texture and a lack of flavour. Well, he ate two Jazz a day until they were all gone, so I know what I’ll be stocking in our crisper this Winter!

With over 7 million JAZZ apples produced in Australia this year, now is the time to fill up your fruit basket if you haven’t already!

Have you tried JAZZ apples? If not, which variety is your favourite?

Brisbane Foodie

Amanda Mapp

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